Eth 0: Photos and Final Report

It occurred to me that I haven't fully reported what happened since the first day at Eth 0. Overall though, I have to say the event was a complete free for all, and it was amazing. It was probably the most anti FudCon-ish event I've ever been to. If FudCon is a bunch of people getting together and discussing the next version of a product in a calm rational way, this is a bunch of people taking random products, smashing them together in the worst/best way possible, and just going nuts with it.

In the main tent, there were many people coming by to give presentations. Unfortunately most of them were in Dutch, and I had a bit of difficulty following along. Even so, I got to learn about a wide variety of topics including a lecture about FreeJ - Open Source VJ and Video arts processing software, Open.Amsterdam - Open Standards and Open Source activist organization for Noord Holland,

I spent most of my time in the Media Village otherwise knows an HomeFree. I have to give the Media guys credit for coming up with the most interesting tent. Most of the tents were large military field tents, generally this green brown colour. Off to one side is HomeFree, this brightly-lit flimsy affair that somehow held up. Every night there was practically a techno party as everyone spent most of the time showing off what they could do with Open Source software and tools.

One of the goals we had in the Media Village was to take a spare P4 box someone had and turn it into the best Input Output box we could make. A couple of guys brought Wii controllers, cameras, midi devices, and we spent most of the time trying to get it all integrated into FreeJ. Fedora was definitely the first choice of OS, but we had some compiling issues with FreeJ, which I spent some time working on, so we had to switch to Debian, after trying Dynebolic.

Just to show you how well Fedora and Red Hat was received, let me show you a few pictures.

Hmm... Suddenly everything in my Third Eye has become clear. I can see the Truth!

One successful Fedora installation.

A Fedora developer in his natural habitat - the middle of nowhere.

More photos can be found here

If you live in the Netherlands or Germany, we're doing a mini Eth0 after party in Wageningen next week, from Thursday to Saturday. Come one, come all, bring a tent and sleeping bag.

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