Finally done with Haskell things

After nearly 9 months, I am finally at the point I wanted to be regarding Haskell. Last January i wanted to submit packages for my favourite window manager to Fedora. I got blocked because of a lack of packaging guidelines and familiarity with Haskell or the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

I'll admit the process went alot slower than I would have liked, but it was an incredible learning process. In working on the guidelines, I learnt alot about how to get involved in Fedora, how to work with the myriad of communities and committees and boards and groups involved. I got to meet all sorts of people in the Fedora world online and offline. I probably annoyed some people being a crazy upstart kid with all sorts of crazy ideas, but it seems to have turned out alright in the end. I also learnt many random technical facts about how GHC puts together code, and RPM in a display of shocking intimacy that would probably make even my most 'sexually progressive' friends blush. (And believe me, they make everyone else blush.) For someone who 'just wanted to learn how to make RPMs', it was a bit of an intense introduction.

If you're curious, I have several bugs that track the progress of things. I still have a bit of a confusing mess to sort out about handling libraries, but I think I'm a bit tired from all the heat. Anyone familiar with summers in Northern Europe can well understand the problems I'm having in 32 degree weather (Centigrade). (That's 90 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Without further ado:
macros for ghc and rpm:

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