The Boston Tea Party

The past two days, we, the interns at the NYC office, were up in Boston to meet the OLPC and Westford offices. We didn't actually get the chance to throw crates of Fedora Discs into the Boston Harbor to promote the release of Fedora 7, but we did get to eat cake with some of the people who worked on it. Present were the tubes and trucks with which had been used to collaborate and develop Fedora 7, so it was only fitting that they were also present, and in the form of cakes and pies. Sadly I did not have a digital camera with, so I'll have to wait till the film is developed, or some of the guys up in Westford send me the pictures to use. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Wednesday though, we got to see the OLPC's main office on the MIT campus. If you don't know what this is, google could tell you most of it. It's a concept to bring very low cost laptops in bulk to all sorts of nations all over the world, in order to bring computer resources to areas where they don't even have electricity or running water. They give the kids these green laptops that are designed to survive a hurricane practically, or a monsoon. And they are so small, have bunny ears and are so cute! Did I mention they are bright green?! They are very awesome. Holy crap, they are so cute.

Well, being made a guinea pig for testing Fedora 7 was not my idea of fun, but I had alot of fun going up there all the same. We have our boxes working again mostly, so things aren't too too bad anymore.

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