The human fecal matter has collided with the bladed air circulation device

It's finally happened. One of my professors tried to send me an OOXML document. It's a good think it's just some zipped up XML. All I need to do is unzip it and, oh wait, tab completion won't work since bash-completion doesn't realize that .docx is just a zip file. Now I have to type out the full name, escaping spaces included. So it unzips, all over my home folder, not into a nice neat folder of it's own like every well behaved tarball does. At least it's XML which is human readable, right? Well it seems the world's biggest bloat maker incidentally forgot how to use bloated white space in the biggest joke they are pulling on the free world. C'mon Bill Gates, can you be any more clever?

Well one polite, yet long explanation to my professor how I can not read this file later, and I think I need to keep my eyes a little more open as to what's being used at the University of Pittsburgh.

So dear not quite so lazyweb, are there any of you freedom loving people in or around the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Melon that want to help ensure the freedom of information in the Pittsburgh area? I'm going to start campaigning so this can hopefully be the last I see of .docx from one of my professors.

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