Bricked Router

Dear Lazyweb,

Last night I managed to brick my router by reflashing its firmware doing everything by the book. It was probably just one of those unlucky moments in life. It's an old 3rd revision Linksys WRT54G complete with 2.4-kernel-only Broadcom chips.

My question to you, Lazyweb, is which cheap reflashable router should I get? This one had trouble getting internet to the whole house. If I ever fix this one, I'll probably set up a more distributed network as well. What I want in a new router is a more powerful CPU and possibly Wireless-N capabilities. I know I will have it for a few years, so it will definitely be worth paying a bit more for. Are there any good Wireless-N routers that will let you put your own firmware on it? Preferably something that can handle a 2.6 kernel and that doesn't need a proprietary Broadcom driver?

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Unknown zei

Have you tried using OpenWRT's tftp method yet?

Anoniem zei

Anoniem zei

Which third-party firmware were you using? DD-WRT? Tomato? There are sometimes ways to recover a bricked router from a bad firmware flash. See the guides that others have posted in your comments.

I think we'll be waiting for a while for a 802.11n router, with more powerful CPU and third-party firmware flashable. Otherwise I'd be buying it now. Considering the WRT54GL, or one of the Buffalo ones that seem equivalant.