Cooperation for peace?

Sometimes i feel that many Americans just don't understand peace. This is a poor generalization, because many people are intelligent, well educated or well traveled, and get a fair look at the way many different cultures can live together. But sometimes it seems that the supposed Joe Public doesn't get it, out of living in the monoculture that is the US. I want to highlight something that might not get picked up by the mainstream media otherwise, even though it's a bit off topic

Edinburgh Scotland Muslim Leaders Offer to Guard Synagogue

As contributers to Open Source, we all know how to contribute our resources to all sorts of projects regardless of who is involved. Sometimes it's hard to see this willingness to get along outside of our daily Open Source work. I wonder if the solution we need in the Middle East and western India, as well as in parts of Western Europe isn't just western leaders getting together in smoke filled rooms, but the lessons we know from working with Open Source.

(As a side note: "Vos iz neias" is a colloquial yiddish phrase that means "What's up". The link points to an online resource of news relevant to primarily Orthodox Jews.)

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