Moving Day

Yesterday i took the day off from work in order to finish moving to a new flat across town. It's with great sadness that i won't be able to tell people i live in the Nude anymore. If i ever feel like being in the Nude though, it's not far away at all. It's almost literally across the street even.

I can honestly say i came out of the Nude on bike though.

Credits to Björn Lammers who took all the photos.

You can see more on Flickr and Facebook

2 flames:

wonderer zei

Wow, If I read this I think of "whats in my bag" photostreams on flickr! Here in germany I do not know anybody who has such "few" things... I really want to know how much "parts" do you have on your "bike"...?!

Yankee zei

Unfortunately, i have quite a few more things. If i could find a way to get rid of them without actually getting rid of them, i would though.