Can haz Fedoar 12?

Fedora 12 is out, and i'm already installing it. Once again, another release goes by and i'm wishing i could have done alot more to help out. There's alot of things i certainly could have been doing if only i made more time for it. Well, there's always Fedora 13 to focus on.

Since i always tell people that Fedora should be just as good as Debian when doing live upgrades, i think it's time to give it a test. At the moment, my system's installing the 2026 packages needed to upgrade my system. All that XZ goodness is definitely coming in handy. Even if Dutch internet is notoriously fast. At work i've contributed some serious bandwidth to seeding torrents. Unfortunately, my computer only has a 100mbit connection to the network so i cannot even try to saturate the network without some serious forethought. Still, if you're in the Netherlands, be sure to try using a torrent, because there's a good chance you'll get a damn fast connection from Utrecht. I just hope my computer isn't a smoking pile of rubble from all that torrenting when i go back to work on Thursday.

In a completely unrelated note, Jan Wildeboer wins the Silly Dutch Word of the Day Award. Rijksoctrooiwet. It's a national legal body.

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