I'm going to FOSDEM

I just booked the hotel for Fosdem, and i'm already excited. It's not every day that i get to stay at a five star hotel for under 80 euros a night, no matter how little it's actually worth it. Not to mention, Fosdem's always fun, and not just for the drinking.

I'm thinking of doing a couple of things differently this year. For starters, i'm debating forgoing the Fedora polo just to wear the the red hat around. We've set a trend for having not red hatters wear the fedora at Fosdem, not to mention its chick magnet powers. (You'll have to ask Andreas about that one though, i wasn't quite sure what he was talking about.) I'm also thinking of ditching the laptop. Every year there are more people, which is the obvious understatement of the year. What this implies is that there are more devices shaming the wireless network into realising how pathetic and weak it is. The good natured network admins do their best (or worst) to keep the network up and running each year, but it just never quite works 100%. This year, with the explosion of the iphone and android, i'm assuming that even if the admins managed to figure out something for everyone, it's still going to fail. Having a laptop just seems like it will be overkill.

I'll still bring my XO 1.0 for the booth.

I hope to see you all there.

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Ribalba zei


Maybe change the language of your blog, needed a moment to figure out how to comment :P

We should meet and get a few beers. Are you going to the social?

Yankee zei

Yeah, of course, like every year.

We're also having a Fedora Ambassador meetup before the beer event, so if you're in town, you can come talk to some of the other guys who market Fedora. Info's at http://fhornain.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/fosdem10-pre-fosdem-fedora-event-on-february-5th/