You take a glass...

1) Fill half way with baby killer (cheap vodka)
2) Fill near the top with cherry ginger ale
3) Add a splash of diet coke and a splash of red wine

Et voila, you have a drink that will do more than just kill babies.

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J. zei

So I tried this, only I used decent vodka instead of cheap stuff, and raspberry ginger ale instead of cherry, since I can't find any cherry flavored ginger ale in the area... It's damn tasty.

For extra-offensive goodness, pull the stem off a maraschino cherry and squish it a little. Then drop it in your drink as.... uh, "garnish".

Where on earth did you hear of this drink?

Yankee zei

Here's a pick into how twisted my mind is. I made this up when I was in a synagogue. Ladies and Gentlemen, he's single, he's in the tech industry, he cooks his own food and makes his own drinks. What a Guy!

One guy mentioned a similar drink. It starts with some vodka and something red. Then you add the yolk of an egg. It's called the Brain Hemorrhage.