Well, my internship is coming to an end.

Of all things, I enjoyed working on Smolt the most. Turbogears and SQLAlchemy are a blast to play with, and make life so easy. Maybe I'm spoiled now, but I doubt I could ever do another web application in Java again. I don't see a reason to do so.

I see alot of blogs pointing out things about Smolt, that to me is just simply old news. So allow me to highlight what is going on with Smolt. Please keep in mind these are in the development version currently.

  • SELinux stats are collected
  • Ratings are collected, although the implementation is a little buggy.
  • The server has been rewritten to be a little more robust, so it will be easy to make some widescale improvements pretty quickly.
  • Smolt is compatible with Fedora, RHEL, openSuSe, SLED, Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux, CRUX, Frugalware, Mythdora, and Mythvantage. We still need help packaging for these distros though.
We plan on getting out a community release of the client in the next couple of days, such that it's possible to start packaging things. I can guarantee that this client will work with any version of the server that we are running, although we haven't set any deprecation dates yet.

I also have plans to make the web interface more informative. Right now it only spews out a ton of junk collected from hal, and we really need to make it give you more information in human terms. There'll also be links to a wiki where users can comment on any part of their system, so others can find out how to fix things that are broken, or where to complain to their hardware vendor.

On the vendor side, we plan on giving more information and statistics that will be useful to you. Want to know how many people can't get your wireless card working? Just check Smolt.

We'll have some exciting things ready for Fedora 8.

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