Avidemux is awesome.

The topic says it all. I took a random video of some new lighting toys I got for my room to show some friends, and the camera spit out a 300mb AVI that I knew would choke several people's intarweb trucks. A bit of googling, and I got the name avidemux which was fortunately in that repository which shall not be named. One yum query later, and I even see there's both a gtk and qt version.

I install the GTK version, poke my nose around a bit, tinker with a few features, and 10 minutes later, I've spit out a 40mb mkv encoded in h264 and mp3. The quality is great, and I needed to know only a few basics about video encoding. I'll have to pose the granny test on my family later, but for a power user, the program is excellent.


2 flames:

Kevin Kofler zei

If you're recoding anyway, why not to Theora and Vorbis rather than the patent-encumbered H.264 and MP3?

Yankee zei

I used H.264 because it's generally better at compressing at higher rates. I really needed to fit it in as small of a space as possible.

Still, since avidemux supports all formats equally, it's very easy to recode it again.