Ubuntu's Netbook packages available for Fedora

Jonathan Roberts has so kindly updated and rebuilt packages for optimizing Gnome to work on Netbooks and other small screen devices. These packages are a few tools for Gnome that have been written by a few developers inside Canonical that work on any Gnome system. I've updated my repo to host them for now, until they can pass the review. They are available at


The SRPMs and SPEC files are there too, so feel free to rebuild them for other versions of Fedora or other RPM based distros. If you send the packages to me, i'll throw them up there in that space too.

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Jeremy zei

What's the bug # for the package reviews? I'm willing to take a look and review them

Yankee zei



Navi` zei

I've only installed libfakekey, window-picker-applet and maximus since I only want the maximized, titlebar less windows and the applet.

Maximus runs but doesn't change much, and when I try to add the applet Gnome gives me an error about it and wants to delete it.

I'm running Fedora 9.

Anything special I should do? Thanks!

Yankee zei

File a bug upstream with Ubuntu. To be fair, i'm just trying to package it. I haven't tested the packages in a while, although it seems time i did.