The CPOSC is coming up.

I want to announce and remind everyone that the Central Pennsylvania
Open Source Conference is going to be in Harrisburg PA (that's in the
US) this coming Sunday. The CPOSC is open to all ends of the Open
Source spectrum, from applications to low level hardware and a whole
smattering of IT. Fedora will be sponsoring the event this year, and
we'll be hosting a small table for all things Fedora as well.

We currently are already staffed and have everything running on
schedule (so far), and we have volunteers already for manning our
table.. Still, we love seeing faces of Fedora users. If you want to
come help out, show up wearing a Fedora T-shirt or your trusty
Ambassador Polo.

Todd M Zullinger mentioned that he would like to hold a relatively
informal keysigning. If you want to participate, bring a copy of your
PGP and some form of photo ID.

There will be a get together of out of town guests and any locals with
some free time Saturday, the night before. We'll be meeting at a
bar/restaurant near the conference hall, although more details are to


I look forward to seeing you there!

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