Midterms and CPOSC

Midterms were apparently brutal this semester. This would more or less explain my otherwise disappearing off the face of the planet. Fortunately, i've managed to squeeze in CPOSC related things, so hopefully that will go smoothly on Sunday. Hopefully, next week, i'll have a chance to push out some updated xmonad packages.

As for CPOSC, as I've said before, it's this sunday, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Saturday night, we're going to have a small social for local members of the LUG and anyone coming from out of town for the conference near the conference hall. We're meeting Gilligan's on Eisenhower Road at 8pm, and if you want to come join us, just look for the guys with the usual Linux paraphernalia.

Hopefully, i'll be more relaxed by tomorrow night after recovering from my midterms.

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