LiveCD is the new Black?

Well, Fedora is blue, not black, so that statement might not be 100% correct.

In any case, now that finals are over, i'm finally getting around to installing Fedora 10 on my main box, and i'll probably roll my server over soon too. Traditionally, i've used a DVD to do my installations, but it seems like i might change that in the future. I burned a DVD so i can do the installation, but when i ran the media test, it failed. Going back to my Fedora 9 installation and checking the SHA1SUM showed that the original file was not corrupt. I'm not sure why the gnome tools for burning a DVD might have failed, but i'm not really inclined to figure it out. Instead, i'm going to just copy a run of the mill LiveSD to my USB key, and i'll do the installation from there. One big advantage to using the USB key is that it takes alot less time to copy the ISO over.

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Anoniem zei

Yeah, burning media is so passe.