When in Rome...

1) Which was your Linux distribution story?

I started with Debian when i was in high school and i was amazed with the sheer quantity of things i could do with it. Since then, i experimented with Knoppix, Knoppix STD, Gentoo, SuSE, Ubuntu, Crux, and Mandrake before it was Mandriva. I used Fedora 6 as my first RH derivative when i started working for Red Hat, and eventually went 100% RH in house.

2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version?

In Debian land, it is definitely Debian Potato. Woody was also nice. In Fedora, Fedora 10 beats the pants off pretty much anything done before.

3) Write a short story (more like and anecdote) about your past distribution.

I used to piss Seth Vidal off alot complaining about Yum, and how much it used to suck. It wasn't pretty. One day i met him in Raleigh, asked him two questions, and got the most logical answers ever. Suddenly it made sense, and yum stopped sucking. I don't think i've argued with Seth again. The morale of the story is to get to know your Open Source developers; the relationship is so much more rewarding.

2 flames:

Julio M. Merino Vidal zei

So what were the two questions and answers? I use Fedora 10 and I keep hearing from friends that yum sucks. Would like to convince them that it doesn't ;)

Yankee zei

I don't even remember. Truth be told though, Yum has gotten *alot* better since Fedora 7.