Writing Documentation is hard

In order to make fedora-devshell useful to more people than myself, i decided to get around to writing the documentation. I don't often 'get around' to doing things, but hopefully for those of you who were wondering what the buzz was about, this should clear things up. The following documentation is very tentative, for a number of reasons, mostly because i haven't even made a 0.1 test release available to anyone, just raw source code. There will be changes though, and hopefully, you will all get to see what the workflow will look like through this preview. Tonight i've managed to cobble together a preliminary header page, with some features, and a walk-through on building a Haskell package.

About Fedora Devshell
Getting Started With Fedora Devshell

Hopefully, tomorrow i'll feel motivated enough to finish up the documentation, and give it a final home on the wiki.

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