Yukon Ho!

Right now i'm headed for Boston which is marginally warmer than the Yukon. It's not so bad, because Pittsburgh's marginally warmer than the Northwest Territories, so i've come prepared.

I have to say that i'm not a morning person at all. I can't say i've never been awake at 7AM, but that's because i was awake at 3AM-7AM and usually have plans on staying awake for just one more hour each hour. Rather, i've never had to listen to that screeching nerve racking sound my alarm clock makes at 7AM in a very long time. It's not fair. I haven't been up before the sun in a so long that it is just unnatural.

On that note, some people just have no sense of humour that early in the morning either. I told my teenage sister that i hate getting up before the sunrise. No one likes an overachiever, and it just seems wrong to anger the $deity by overachieving in such a fundamental way. Well, she went off in a huff about how she always tries to put the extra effort in, and how i shouldn't be so closed minded. Like i said, some people just don't have a sense of humour.

On another note, Pittsburgh's "International" Airport has yet to fail me. Well, except for that International part, it's no more international than a frankfurter comes from Germany. Yet once again though, i've managed to make it through the security curtain in under 10 minutes, with loads of technology, and even a regular sized tube of toothpaste. TSA personnel here are always polite and friendly, and do their best to make sure people are relaxed despite the degrading experiences some security guys in DC thing we should undergo. There are always a few perks to living in Pittsburgh, though it seems to have alot to do with you leaving Pittsburgh.

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