Fosdem Report: Stallmanism Edition

The second day of Fosdem went significantly better than the first. After a dinner of steak tartare and a good full 8 hours of sleep, i was more than ready to go the next morning. I spent most of the time wandering around picking up conversations with different people i hadn't seen in a while. I also managed to snag a pretty cool demo of both ReactOS and Haiku.

Fosdem was more business related for me though. Rather than spending any time at the booth, i decided to take most of the time and have planned meetings with various people. I started off with a brainstorming session with Max, going over what's going to be in EKG in the future. It seems i'm going to be doing a two week hacking session on this in the very near future.

I also had a long chat with Thomas, Armel, and Pierre from Fedora-FR about getting Fedora-FR more involved with fedora directly. The problem always is language and the difficulties it sometimes creates. We're planning on looking at more ways to encourage the Fedora using Francophone world to mingle with the rest of the Fedora using world. We'll also start looking at more ways to keep everyone up to date on what Fedora-FR has been up to.

Finally, i got a chance to hang out with Jan Wildeboer, which never fails to disappoint. This time around, he's making up his own religion, Stallmanism, the world's only GPLv3+ religion. (I hope the bible will be licensed under a suitable CC one.) I am going to furiously compete with him to get more recruits on the facebook group. Currently, i'm short one, so please join by clicking on this link, if you have facebook.

Facebook: Causes | Stallmanism

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I'm not in facebook (to near to FBI google) but where can I buy the bible ;-)