He's in the Netherlands and he brought his towel

Once again, i find myself in my favourite place in the world, the Netherlands. I've already found my schedule to busy as all heck before i even landed. Here's a sneak preview of what i'll be up to:

  • Catching up with some friendly developers in their squat in Amsterdam
  • Running off to Fosdem in Brussels for the weekend
  • Catching up on the backlog of Devshell development i have to do
  • Squeeze in my schoolwork somewhere in between
  • A mystery announcement i will probably make sometime in a couple of weeks from now. By the time i make it, i suspect i'll owe someone quite a bit of beer and filet american (that's raw meat for you Americans).
  • Visiting friends in Wageningen, where i was this past summer.

Blog reports will (hopefully) be forthcoming (provided jet lag doesn't catch up with me in some horrible ugly fashion).

UPDATE: I shouldn't blog while jet lagged apparently. Corrections have been made.

2 flames:

baard zei

Hi Yaakov,
some more background info for you :)

For the dutch 'steak americano' is filet americain.
For other english people also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_tartare

Stefan Hartsuiker (aka baard)

pingou zei

Come get a beer at the Vlaams when you pass by ;-)

http://www.vlaamschereus.nl/bierlijst.php in case you need revision :D