Google Summer of Code is on.

It's official, there will be a GSoC this year. Once again i am looking to mentor someone this summer. Last summer, it was a complete failure. I feel as if there was not enough passion about the project to motivate my student.

This summer i would like to do something very different. Currently, Google is taking applications from mentoring organizations, which means that it is not even time for students to get started putting together their applications. I think it is fairly likely though that Fedora will have a few spots available at least. Therefore if you're looking to get a head start, this is just the blog post you want to be reading.

Given the success of the Feature List in Fedora, i want to model a project around that. I want to find someone who is passionate about an idea, and is willing to communicate it to the world. What i would like to see from an interested student in the next few weeks is a very open ended project proposal. It can cover any aspect of Open Source, but it has to be written as a Feature proposal. The goal is to produce a Fedora feature. You can do it as part of other concurrent development in Fedora or as a completely new concept. What's important is that it has to be innovative enough to be worth putting in the Release Notes.

I'll probably write more about this idea in the next few days. But if you have that itch you're looking to scratch in the Fedora and Linux world, you can get started right away.

Last but not least, if you put together a Feature proposal and submit it as a GSoC project, but do not make the cut, remember, you can still work on the project. As a student, contributing an entire "Feature" is an amazing resume item.

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