FAD At Random 2009

I would like to formally introduce some plans I've been putting together to hold a proper Fedora Activity Day at Hacking At Random this summer. There has been alot of discussion over the past few months to have a formal Fedora presence there, to come hang out, enjoy the lovely Dutch summer weather, have a beer or two, and just show off how crazy we can be. I've also had talks with people from FreeJ/Dyne:bolic and from CentOS about sharing space, primarily because we all shared the same space last summer at Eth-0 and it worked out great. So without further ado:

The FAD at Random 2009 will be held near Vierhouten, August 15th at Hacking at Random. The topic of the FAD will be Media and Media arts using Open Source in general and Fedora in particular. The format will be pretty free form. There will be a few tents for hacking in and a tent with a projector to do presentations. We will hold a barcamp where people can do presentations or just show off demos. Some people from the village will also be VJing sporadically during the event, although the entire thing is ad-hoc.

We will also be forming a village between these four groups for the duration of HAR, so be there or be something not round.

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