It's not news, but it's bad

"I believe the games have advanced the agenda of human rights" in China This really isn't news. China has been silencing people who have declared their right to natural self determination.

Unfortunately, I'm still not sure whether Natural Self Determination is a right that should be guaranteed to all. To determine oneself as being a member of a group requires the approval of that group, one which has every legitimate right to exclude people. To determine one's identity as an individual nation-state usually requires some accepted form of sovereignty, such as owning a nuclear weapon or full control of an island or larger sized piece of land. Owning a really large amount of gold is useful too. These are not things the common Tibetan can obtain easily. In this case, as in the case of Kosovo and Serbia, the original government, that is China and Serbia lose a certain amount of respect, control, and power, which are valuable commodities in the international rulers social club. Ultimately, I think it's wrong for a government to hold such a large group of people in a position against their will though, and a government that can willingly give up control to a group of people is a political move that can earn it a lot of good will in said social club; so much so that having the Olympics there might be a worthy thought.

What really ticks me off is that China feels compelled to censor this. I don't think that anyone reading this blog doesn't know what the great Firewall of China is. China has been deliberately punishing protesters blocking their rights to free speech. Even if Natural Self Determination is not a Natural Right, free speech definitely is. The human brain's idea of consciousness is partially determined by the ability to use human language, and free speech allows an individual to bring about changes into this world. It is fundamentally part of who we are.

As a supporter and worker in the Free and Open Software movement, I can not support these actions taken by China. Although it is only a small price to pay, I will be boycotting the Olympic games in China, and as the date approaches, being incredibly obnoxious to my peers until they agree. I am open to arguments, but I don't think anyone who agrees with the goals of the various Free and Open movements should support such blatant human rights violations involving Free Speech.

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