Smolt enters GSoC

I don't know why I didn't post a project here sooner. It's sorta like posting to craigs list, but cheaper. In short: Web Apps, Web 2.0, Lots of cool data, Sideburn Growth, Making Linux work on a Crapload of Hardware

To find out more, go here:

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Anoniem zei

Smolt needs a broader definition of "works" for hardware.
What features are working for a specific piece of hardware.
Are there open specs for the hardware so bugs can be fixed and features can be added.
Is there any software which can use the feature.

Maybe a link with the driver of the hardware would be useful. A wireless network driver could list what features it supports and the hardware page could the select features from that list which it support.

Eg. e1000 driver supports feature X, Y and Z and the card in my machine supports X and Y and possibly has a new feature W which isn't supported by the driver.

Of course there can be more than one driver per hardware device. E.g. my webcam has both usb video and usb audio drivers.

It is really hard to say "yes, this works" unless you know what features the hardware has.

Well, there are plenty of things that could be done, I hope you get some desktop integration as well. I small program that could run tests on the hardware to confirm that t works would be great.

Good luck :)

Yankee zei

These are all things that are open to the summer program. I have a few ideas, other people do to, but no one has enough coding hours. You are always welcome to join and start working on some of them :)