The sign of things to come

Just what I've been working on today.

Not to belly ache, but HTML 4 + Javascript + jQuery is a strange beast when you've been doing Python and SQL for a long time. The context shifting takes a lot of speed out of you. But now it's done and all we have to do is make it work nice, well, and cleanly.

UPDATE: Git tells me this took over 500 lines of code to implement. Granted, this was on top of lots of other infrastructure. I still worry though that every new proof of concept will take an increasingly larger amount of code just to make it work. Hell, my window manager of choice works in about 1000 lines of code, not including my config file or the extensions I use. To be fair, some of those lines are from a few javascript libraries I added. They only account for about 200 lines of that soup. Another load comes from the genshi templates I had to create. Much of that was copy and paste, but then there was the mucking about I had to do to fit them into my new site.

I think the important point though is that although Python lets you do things in a more concise way than Java or C would, all we do is introduce more complex paradigms to the application developer. Meanwhile, our need for more complex things constantly raises the amount of lines of code it takes to make things do what we want. This is something that bears serious looking in to.

Happy Pi Day.

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What font are you using in gnome/firefox?

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Segoe UI