An American in Paris

Next week, Max Spevack is going to Paris to meet with the members of Fedora FR, who have been doing an excellent job marketing Fedora in the French speaking parts of the world. I've been asked to post a copy of the following translated 'press release'. The original was put on the French oriented planet. So without further ado:

An american in Paris

As is our wont, Fedora | Paris ought to organise an exceptional meeting upon welcoming a distinguished member of the community in the City of Light.

This time, it is no less an international superstar, since Max Spevack will join us on August the 2nd.

Of course, scandalmongers will say that he is coming to see the Fedora-fr society first and foremost, that he is coming to discuss with the French community about its future direction, about the events it organises etc.


If the ex-Fedora Project Leader, today in charge of the EMEA community for RedHat, turns into a Parisian for a week-end, it's simply because he has heard about our little "jamborees" and wishes to verify the legend according to which Fedora | Paris is unflinchingly The place to be.

On this occasion, and in order to digest the never-ending official meetings which will be held during the day, we will gather in front of Le vin qui danse at 7 PM, so that we introduce to our guest a very different gastronomy than the one he may know in his own country.

On this occasion, and in order to divert the original purpose of his visit, the French-speaking ambassadors MrTom, llaumgui, pingou, TiTaX and armelk
will join us and will try to distract the attention of this great man from partying and discuss such fiddling subjects such as the society's budget or the events to come...

If, like us, you want to fight against these party poopers, please report in the comments on our blog, or come bring us your support on the IRC channel: #fedora-paris on Freenode. We are counting on you.

~ Pikachu_2014 and bochecha (thanks to milady for the translation)

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