You Must Be a Monkey

Lately, we've been throwing around the idea in the Fedora Infrastructure on how to develop database applications that are being deployed live, but to develop changes on them, and have an upgrade path from point A to point B. One tool that has stood out in the Python world is SQLAlchemy-Migrate. Toshio recommended it, and today, I converted FAS2 to use it.

FAS2 has really been our good showcase of "How to do TurboGears Right". The team of people who have put it together have really done an excellent job, and hacking on it is a real joy. The deployment and documentation I've set up should provide a good reference on how to turn an already deployed project into something Migrateable.

The biggest drive for doing it today was that we had a number of tickets open against FAS2, which require numerous small changes to the DB. One change that seemed simple enough to develop is the ability for a group administrator to specify the rules for joining the group in a text field. This was requested by the Art team.

So, in the vein of a million monkeys on a million typewriters, hopefully a good triaging solution will come forth (and it has :) )

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