Random Speculation

There is alot of talk about why Intel is switching from Ubuntu to Fedora. There was a 'reason' given, which seems to raise alot of question. That reason given is RPM vs DEB. If you ask me, this doesn't sound like a legitimate reason at all. The only conclusion I can even begin to draw is that suddenly the Fedora Packaging Guidelines are better in quality and in practice than what ever scheme Ubuntu uses. While this is probably true, I don't think that Intel meant something so technical in a general press release.

I have a funny suspicion, but I must warn you, this is just a suspicion and has no bearing on reality. While it seems there is alot of goodwill and love surrounding the Ubuntu community, for their ability to make a Linux based Desktop OS that is supposedly easy to use, there have been a number of random issues in the developer community that have cause numerous controversies. Ubuntu even opened up shop with a controversy over the idea of stealing away good talent from the Debian developer community. I have the sneaky suspicion that there's alot more to this story than just some fight with developers over packaging formats. It really seems too trivial for a large company like Intel to do such a thing. Rather, in the negotiation process with Ubuntu, something else went horribly wrong. Who knows what it was.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to the next press release. It should be really interesting.

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