He's a free man, folks

Today i just took the last final exam i will probably ever take in my academic career. It's really not as big of a deal as it sounds; i'm only getting a certificate in German language skills, which is nothing more than a nice resume filler. The real highlight of my 'academic' career is not this, but having gotten RHCE certification last summer, thanks to Red Hat. Still, i'm glad that i'm not stuck between two very different competing demands in my life anymore. I could have spent another year and a half working towards a bona fide diploma, but i decided in the end that's not what i wanted to focus on. I decided that i didn't want to spend the rest of my life paying off student loans.

Here's what's in store for the Future. Some of you probably noticed, but this past February, i spent two weeks in the Netherlands 'hanging out'. The time i spent there was pretty productive though. My primary reason was to go job hunting and sit for interviews. While i was there, i also got a chance to go to Fosdem again, which i've written about (i think), and just see some friends again, that i made last summer when i was living there. I would like to thank Jeroen, publicly, for both hosting me at his place for a few days and helping me find a job there.

Now that my academic career is over, my internship at Red Hat will naturally be over soon too. Starting in June, i will begin working for the Genetics Institute in Utrecht, which has a long history of Fedora and other Red Hat based product use. I'm really looking forward to it. This of course also means i'll be moving to the Netherlands in less than a month. It's going to be a busy time.

For the summer, i have two big things lined up. Currently, i have LinuxTag and Hacking at Random on the agenda. At LinuxTag, i'll be giving a presentation on Git on practical day to day usage. I plan on covering some advanced tricks with a live demonstration. As part of the presentation, i hope to show a number of best practices people should use while working with Git, particularly on various Fedora projects. I hope that in the future, others are also willing to pick up the presentation, add their workflows and present it themselves. It will be nice to have people in the Fedora community better informed and able to use Git more consistently. I won't be presenting at Hacking at Random, though. Think of it more as 'vacation time'. (Who doesn't bring their laptop when they go camping anymore?)

I'll also be mentoring this summer in the Google Summer of Code.

In the next month, i'll be mostly hacking on EKG. And packing. And going to an Ubuntu release party tonight to hand out Fedora stickers. I have to put them to use somehow, how i ever ended up with 100 sheets of them, i don't know....

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Patrick zei

Congrats with getting your certificate but more so with passing the RHCE exam. Taking the RHCE training classes and passing the RHCE exam was one of the most rewarding things I ever did. Hope it will benefit you as much as it did me. Good luck with your new job. Utrecht is a beautiful city with an active nightlife due to all the students so I doubt it you will get bored soon :)

Yankee zei


I'm thinking about writing another post soon about how i really think certification and self learning is going to play a huge role in education in the future.

I'm looking forward to Utrecht, but i'm looking forward to Wageningen even more, where i'll be living. Not so active of a nightlife, but pretty active student community and hacker community.