Something i might miss

I've said it before, and i'll say it again. One thing i won't miss about Pittsburgh is the hills. One thing i will miss though is the way the wind rolls into these hills right before it rains. First the sky gets dark and cloudy, and the air picks up this electric energy. The wind comes bursting in little puffs which send pretty much every piece of debris around the neighbourhood at least once or twice. Then it builds up further pushing you and the trees around, and you can see it just in the way everything around you is moving. You feel all these drops hitting you from nowhere, even though the rain's not really falling.

Then it stops, the heavens crack open, and it starts raining.

Then you're just in time to watch people get caught on the main road get caught in the rain while you sip an espresso from the comfort of a cafe.

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Ricky Zhou zei

Sorry to hear that you're leaving Pittsburgh :-(, it was great having a Fedora person to hack with nearby.

At least you probably won't miss Pittsburgh food :-)

Yankee zei

You mean Pittsburgher Cheese Steaks? How could i ever miss that?

Ricky Zhou zei

Heh, I guess the bad food thing is specific to CMU.

Yankee zei

That was heavy sarcasm. A Pittsburgher Cheesteak is like a Philly one, but they put soggy fries and rancid coleslaw in the sandwich. You've been warned.