Wanted: a Graphic Designer

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As a return favor to Beth Lynn Eicher, a local Pittsburgh resident who organizes the Ohio Linux Fest, i've offered to pass this message along.

Wanted: A Graphic Designer

The Ohio Linux Fest team is looking for a volunteer to do some graphic design for the upcoming conference in 2009. From what i gathered, the primary job would be to maintain a consistent look across materials distributed and create any logos or other graphic design work needed. For more info, get in touch with me via the usual channels.

This is entirely volunteer work, which suits the nature of an Open Source conference. Still, the organizers are willing to provide something in return. This can include advertising either for the Fedora Project, the Art SIG, or your own private graphic design work. Attendance at this event is well in the thousands, and you could have your logo displayed in many places and your name mentioned several times. It is also a way to contribute more to Open Source upstream without having to write a line of code.

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George Larson zei

Hey, Yakov.

Daymon (my son) and I had a terrific time meeting you yesterday.

I do have some graphic design experience.

If you (and she) are still looking then let me know. I'd be honored to contribute such efforts to an Open Source event. I'll see if I can find her email address on the wiki and relevant areas.

George.G.Larson@gmail.com, if that's easier.