Are all Fedora developers Contributors?

I'm watching this video hosted by the Linux Foundation of a panel at the LF Collaboration Summit on why we want to measure community contribution. One of the issues that gets discussed is the need for better testing. In some ways, this is as important as code contributions itself.

I was thinking about how Fedora tends to take the more experimental route. Every Fedora release really pushes what we can do with Linux each time, in order to get the widest use of it possible. PackageKit, Pulseaudio, KMS, Ext4 and Btrfs are all perfect examples of this. Here's an open ended question. Does using Fedora in some way automatically make you a contributor? Obviously you need to report on it, even if everything does just work. But when you consciously make the decision to use Fedora in order to make sure the latest and greatest technology works for you, does that count as a de facto contribution?

(Better yet, if you do use Fedora, participate in a Test Day. It's simple, and it gives you a good heads up about future versions of Fedora.)

You can watch the video here.

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