New Slogan?

I was thinking that sometimes when a Linux distribution claims to have a target audience, it can be a bit discriminatory. For example, Exherbo claims it is not for you. Perhaps we need a new slogan to show how inclusive Fedora is. For example:

Fedora - Linux for Humans and Space Aliens.

5 flames:

Anoniem zei

There are enough living species on planet Earth to include.

Fedora - Linux for Humans and Bugs. No, wait...

Anoniem zei

How about Fedora -- the universal operating system.

Anoniem zei

Considering how often the phrase "You're not our target audience" or my recent favourite "You're talking about an exotic use-case" is mentioned. I'd propose the following slogans:

Fedora - Not yours!
Fedora - Go fuck yourself!

I think that is much more truthful then talking about humans.

FWIW: Your language preference in sucks. :)

Yankee zei

That sounds more like Exherbo ;)

FWIW, your native language has three too many noun cases.

nicu zei

In a very early edition of my comic I had a story about Fedora being called "Linux for robots" :D