Jet Lag is a %^%$^#$#@%$

Just when you think your body has adjusted to jet lag, and you're on a relatively normal schedule, albeit in need of some extra sleep, your body decides it's randomly a good idea to wake up at 4am and not go back to sleep.

That said, i've moved to Holland. For the next month, i'll be taking care of paperwork, bumming around until work starts, and then going to Linuxtag. Hopefully between there and now, there'll be some quality Devshell work going on.

As for the move, it's been pretty simple. The airline schedule a zig zag trip from Pittsburgh to Detroit to Boston to Schiphol that no sane human being could make, even if the plane was on time. Instead i got upgraded to business class in Detroit. Because of the switch, the airline managed to lose my luggage. All in all though, if i ignore the fact that i didn't shower or change my clothes for two days, it wasn't really so bad, because in the end, the airline delivered my luggage all the way here. Saved me the trouble of having to haul twice my body weight in baggage. I even got a discount on my next flight. In otherwords, the airline paid me to deliver my luggage here.

As for my house, it's unfortunately only temporary. I can say, though, that if you want to live like an American with a large house in the Netherlands, you have to live as far away from civilization as possible, which is really only 10 minutes away from town.

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