First Post!

I suppose the dubious slashdot honour is lost when you're the only one with write access to a blog, but I suppose the blog feels honoured all the same.

Well, here is where I'll be posting about my internship with Red Hat. I'm going to be working on the Fedora Project, working on a few pet projects of the various overlords in the New York office. Well so far my experience with Fedora has been this urge to tear apart the package manager from head to toe. There have been many less than obvious surprises I've been finding, but I think I've come to terms with it finally. Rumour has it, we might be doing work on it anyways.

Over the past week, I've mainly been spending my time just getting setup, and meeting the other interns. Except for one who is going to be working remotely in Denver, they all come from pretty much a traditional Com-Sci background, so it will be interesting learning how to work with them. My background is more just practice, having used open source software since the end of 2001, and occasionally poking my nose in code when I'm bored. It'll be fun to see how much code I can crunch out in one summer.

So, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Newark, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westpoint, and next week Westford. I think by the end of the summer, I'll want just one thing. My own bed.