Chaos Computer Congress 2008

I've been having a look at airfares during winter break, and provided that you fly on a holiday, they can be quite cheap. Incredibly cheap even. Right now I'm in the tentative planning stages of another wild and crazy jump across the Atlantic Puddle, for December. It's good not to let my language skills get rusty.

My question to Fedorians at large is this. Have we ever sent anything official to the Chaos Computing Congress in Berlin? Do we want to?

(So I lied, it's two questions.)

Translations gone horribly wrong

We all know how this goes. Someone comes up with a great idea and gives it a name. Then it becomes popular. Then it's transmitted all over the world. Of course the original creator had no idea how far this would go. Nor could he or she ever imagine what its name could mean in other languages.

Today I realized that SPEC files can loosely be translated into 'bacon files' in Dutch.

If you want to know more, check out this Wikipedia article (in Dutch, so if you don't know enough about bacon, you'll have to scroll down and find the links for other languages).

Priorities Priorities and Priorities

They say the sign of a successful person is not someone who is the smartest or works the hardest but is someone who can keep all his priorities straight. Anyone who knows me knows my tendencies to get distracted easily by side projects.

This morning, after getting some coffee and sitting down to go through mail and a daily list of blogs I futilely try to keep up with, I noticed I was starting to have a bit of a problem with fruit flies. One google query and 15 minutes later, I have the ultimate fruit fly trap set up. Now to convince the poor fruit flies they want to swim around in a soup of orange juice and liquor.

When I was finished, I sat back down to my computer to find my coffee was cold. I think I really need to learn better how to stay on task....

Keeping Up With the Jones

They have a Stress Ball

We have the Thong / String

I think it's clear who the winner of these silly popularity contests are.