Resignation as Treasurer of Fedora EMEA e.V.

About five minutes ago, i announced to the Board of Fedora EMEA e.V. that i resign as Treasurer. I've also decided that i will be bringing my activities under the Fedora Project umbrella to an end, as this is as good of a point as any to stop. Since i hate goodbyes, and hate making them even more, this definitely isn't it. In the time i've been involved with the Fedora Project, i've made a number of really good friends, learnt a great deal and had a really great time. Fedora has played a really important role in my own personal development and i know i'll run into a great deal of Fedora contributors in the future. I plan fully on contributing to Open Source projects still, but i think it's time to see my effort go in a different direction.

The situation with Fedora EMEA e.V. has been a tough one. To sum up what has been a trying year and half, we were asked by Red Hat to make some changes to the organisation, involving the use of the trademark, in order to continue supporting the European part of the community. Since then, we, the Board, has not done a single thing to remedy the situation. No matter what your opinion is on the issue, this is a failure, which as a Board member, i must take responsibility for. I recentely relocated back to the States for personal reasons, and this is an issue i can not personally sit around and wait on any longer. Personally, i feel that not handling the issue has burnt off any goodwill i may have had with the community at large. I don't feel it would be responsible to ask to show more leadership to the community.

The biggest regret i have is that i will not have the time nor energy to continue maintaining the xmonad packages. Working on them is the single most rewarding thing i've done for the Fedora Project and i'm happy to hear that Ben Boeckel has already picked them up.

So long and thanks for all the fish!