Ubuntu Pittsburgh Release Party

Tonight i associated with the brown traitors and associated with the scourge of great brownness, and it wasn't actually that bad. The number one theme of conversation was members of the WPLUG (Western PA LUG) asking people why they don't go to LUG meetings. There were of course Folding of the Arms and the Glaring. This of course lead to Explanations and Reasoning, which tends to drift to Meaningful Conversation. Maybe it was some kind of geeky ice breaker.

(Or maybe i'm just reading too much Terry Pratchett lately.)

Honestly, most of the meeting was really more an excuse for people to have a couple of beers, eat bar food, and recruit for the LUG. I also had one talk with a guy from SGI who may actually try to show up at Hacking at Random. I love being able to plug random things at random events.

Next up, presenting Fedora 11 and all it's new features at the next LUG meeting.

Actually, i got another nice plug here; one person, whose name i didn't catch, was bemoaning the fact he missed out on a LUG presentation on VMWare. I mentioned that Fedora 11 has quite alot to do with virtualization. As a note to Ambassadors, there are key items that have a certain cult following amongst teenagers and young 20-somethings. VMWare as far back as i can remember has been pretty popular, because they tended to give out licenses like candy at conferences and shows. Virt-Manager competes quite nicely. Make sure to push it heavily.

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