Fad EMEA Rheinfelden: Friday

Yesterday I arrived in scenic Basel for the FAD EMEA and i was pretty impressed with the classy muted feel of the Basel airport. It was a pretty strong contrast from Schiphol, which is just as nice, but busy and noisy most of the time. For my second culture shock, i got interrogated by the French border control in German, and confused them thoroughly when they decided to rummage through my pockets and backpack. For better or worse, they let me through in the end. From there, Gerold picked me up on the French side, we crossed over into Germany to take care of some Fedora EMEA business at the bank, and finally stopped off at his place so i could check my email after the trip and say hello to Max, Jörg and Fabian who were already hard at work at Gerold's dining room table. Just to make sure i could be in four countries in one day, Gerold and I drove over to the Swiss border, walked across the Rhein into Switzerland so we could pick up Pierros from the train station and i could buy some chocolate. I love being able to pay in plastic, because for the few swiss francs i needed to by the chocolate, i didn't have to convert a metric tonne of currency just to do so.

When we came back, Gerold announced that he had to walk the dog, so we decided to join him so we can start discussing our plans for the following day. This was a great opportunity, because the entire area is gorgeous. Of course Gerold decided to show us his sadistic streak and sent us on a hike climbing up and down said beautiful mountainous landscape. In then this was a good thing, because we really had an appetite for dinner afterwards. For dinner, Gerold's very lovely wife put together a very traditional autumn dish for us. We had Zwiebelkuchen with Federweißer, which is a very potent way of getting you drunk if you don't watch out. The food was excellent, and for that i was grateful, because i was in a much better mood to handle the unfortunate conference we had to have with Red Hat legal. But i'll let other people discuss that.

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