Hack / Nerd Avond in Wageningen

I'm thinking of trying to put together a regular hack meet in Wageningen. The problem is that there isn't quite a unified hack culture in Wageningen yet, though there are plenty of individuals who are no stranger to spending hours behind the screen. Even the beloved Draak, the Rock / Metal bar in town is partly owned by a programmer. There have also been people talking about setting up a hackerspace in town, but then again, there's no sense in waiting on that to build up a community.

Currently the plans stand at doing a weekly meetup at the Draak thursdays and nerding. I'm aiming to find about ten people who are interested so that we have about 5 people there each week. Since four of the possible people already use Fedora, there'll definitely be alot of that. There will of course be electricity and internet, although because smoking is allowed there, don't bring your super sensitive electronics projects. I'll know more by the end of the week.

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