Fedora True Blue

For FAD EMEA i brought a Fedora stickered blue lockbox with a few important Fedora EMEA things in it in case we needed them. On my way back through Basel airport, the security curtain is set up so you can actually see the security personnel scanning your bags in the scanner as they go past. I have to give the designer of the airport kudos for the transparency into the process. As i was putting things in my pockets, i saw my bag go past. For what ever reason, the false colouring added on the X ray gave the metal in the lockbox a nice blue colour pretty close to the actual colour of the box.

I won't write too much else about FAD EMEA, personally. According to ZodBot i already wrote a grand total of 645 lines in #fedora-fad, not counting the meeting we had with Pamela at Red Hat about a number of trademark issues. At the end of the day, i felt just a touch burnt out, trying to paraphrase everyone's thoughts into slightly more condense pieces and also trying to participate in the conversations. Please keep in mind, the transcript has the same value as an impression. In some cases i echoed the words people used, but in some cases i summarized paragraphs into sentences. THIS IS NOT AN EXACT TRANSCRIPT. If you're interested in reading up about the FAD, the minutes are here, and the full log was here.

The goal i had in mind was to act as a conduit for anyone who would be awake so early and would have liked to participate. I'm curious how we can do this in the future for FudCon, where we have volunteers monitoring IRC to take comments and questions from non present attendees, while they are listening or watching any streams we make available. If no stream is available, the volunteer could even transcribe and summarize like i did. It might also get interesting if present attendees use these IRC channels to be in more than one session at a time :P.

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Anoniem zei

Thanks for taking such great notes, Yaakov - as someone who tries to do the same for other events, I know it's a tiring and often thankless job.

It helps tremendously, though - I wasn't able to be on IRC right as they were happening to participate remotely, but it was a big help to be able to read up on what happened afterwards. So thanks for doing this!

--Mel (mchua)

Yankee zei

That's exactly what i was going for. It's something i noticed two years ago with FUDCon and never came up with a solution until now. Ping me on IRC, and maybe we can figure out how to do this for the upcoming FUDCon.