Nope, this isn't some obscure Finnish Folk Metal band. It's about one of my cats.

So you're sitting in a forum, as far as sitting in an electronic web page goes, which is probably something only my cat fully understands, and there's some troll lurking about being as contentious as possible. And by troll, I mean anyone, because we all like being contentious these days, or am I wrong? You're lining up the thoughts in your head as how to maximise insult when suddenly your cat jumps into your lap. Her name is Black Pearl and she's very cute. Suddenly the tension melts, and you can think of nothing but warm cuddly thoughts for this alleged troll. You're thinking of letting the troll off just this once, perhaps brining the world that one bit closer to Nirvana and World Peace. Hey, you never know. Maybe one of these days we can use stem cells to give pigs wings.

And then she digs her claws into your leg. BAM, and boy does he get it. Might as well get back to doing that paper. There'll be no flying bacon for dinner tonight.

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