Last chance for cheaper HAR tickets

Since Hackers on a Bike got mentioned in a recent letter sent out to all the participants of HAR, i am extra motivated to remind everyone here that time is running short on HAR. The organizers posted the following announcement:

Pre-sale closing July 20th, HoaB, first-aid needs help

For those of you who still have not got their ticket for HAR2009: the
pre-sale discount of EUR 20,- only applies for less than 96 hours. With
the discount, a ticket sells for EUR 185,- (or EUR 180,- if you enter
the coupon code `FNLPPRCH'). After July 20th, without the discount, the
price will be EUR 205,-. In addition, if you plan to use direct
transfer (IBAN/BIC), this is really the last chance to buy a ticket in
advance. After July 20th, the tickets will sell for the door-price, and
only credit-card and iDeal transactions will be possible.

So, if you haven't already, [1]head over to the ticket shop now and
get your tickets for Hacking at Random. Not only does it give peace of
mind, knowing that you can get in regardless of whether the event is
sold out or not, you're also making sure that this will be the last
time I have to write a few paragraphs to implore you to get your
tickets :)

Hackers on a Bike

Some of the more sturdy hackers are planning to cycle over to Hacking
at Random: a smart, healthy and environmentally friendly way of
traveling to the camping grounds. Although the title may lead you to
believe this is some crazy scheme involving [2]one of those lethal
beer-bicycles, there will not be multiple hackers on a single bike. The
participants will each commandeer their own bicycle. To find out all
the details, check out [3]the wiki page.

The original plan included departure from Wageningen, NL (which is
actually not too far away from the event) but by now other routes are
being planned. A group will depart from Amsterdam, and there are even
people who start in Belgium or Germany. I tip my hat to your stamina!
Some of the Hackers on a Bike might break free of the regular
proceedings for a day trip cycling around the Veluwe, which (you might
have heard) is one of the better offerings nature has in the

(Actually, Bert is taking the train to Wageningen, he's not actually biking all the way from Belgium ;) ).

Team:First-Aid looking for qualified volunteers

Do you have a first-aid diploma (Dutch EHBO or BHV certificate, or
something equivalent)? You speak English very goodly? Are not afraid of
blood? Capable of staying sober for a sustained period of time?
Prepared to miss some lectures to man the post?? Then you are what the
first-aid team is looking for! The nights are pretty much covered,
however during the day this team can certainly use your help.

The first-aid team is first in line when someone hurts himself. You do
not need to be a MD, however some basic training in first-aid (and
something that says you successfully completed the training) is
required. Serious medical problems will be for the official emergency
services, the team only has supplies and expertise for basic medical
care in case someone cuts her- or himself, burns her- or himself (not
unlikely with all the soldering going on) or sprains an ankle.

If you are interested, please check out this teams [4]wiki page.



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