Sorry for my English

Every time i see someone post at the bottom of an email "sorry for my english", i always feel like this person is apologizing for speaking english on an english speaking list. It's a very strange way to say it.

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none zei

What does you mean?

sorry for me english.

Yankee zei

troll :)

Jakub Rusinek zei

This is especially funny if the person should learn (or is learing) English at school and still isn't able to write a grammatically correct sentence...

PS Blogger interface in Dutch looks quite strange but the language seems familiar, when compared to German. I just didn't use to see so many double wovels together in German (; .

Yankee zei

I think you all missed the point. It's just weird to see an apology, when we all realize in 2010 that people are going to post to english speaking mailing lists from all parts of the world.

Double vowels are long closed vowels in Dutch, German's got several different ways to indicate short and long vowels, Dutch makes it simple, there is only one system. VC is short, V is long, and VVC is also long. Handy, no?