The KDE - Gnome Challenge: org-mode

In this post, i'm going to digress a bit to comment a bit about what i've been working on most recently. A few days ago, Michel Salim posted to Fedora Planet that he was having some success implementing GTD in his life using org-mode. Lately, i've been doing exactly the same thing. In the coming posts, i'm going to start integrating more bits on org-mode and emacs into the desktop.

Last weekend, i took the time out to work on a really old idea i had been batting around for a while. I've reworked my xmonad config completely so that it no longer functions like a traditional static desktop with a static set of workspaces. The desktop now is a context based stack, where you shuffle in contexts when needed. When in a certain context, the right programs are available at your fingertips, and distractions relevant to other contexts are hidden. I've been slowly integrating this into working with the same contexts that i use in GTD.

Ironically, due to "getting things done", i've been piling on more and more tasks that have piled up in the past few years, that i simply haven't gotten the time to start getting around to. Using a different organization system for my todo lists has motivated me to get a start on them, including this desktop concept. So when it comes to getting things done, like this blog series, it's been getting tricky fitting it in. Hopefully i'll get together a batch of blog posts soon, and i can continue publishing regularly.

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hendi zei

That sounds very interesting. Can you please share your .xmonad file with us? I'd like to see how you implemented the different contexts and if I can make use of them in my config file :)

Yankee zei

Of course. I just updated my config to the xmonad wiki.

Enjoy, though keep in mind, i'll have more updates.