Back from Hiatus

It's been a while, but there's been many things going on since i left the Netherlands. After leaving, i decided i needed something new that wasn't strictly F/OSS related and a good project to motivate me. About two months ago, i joined Tagged as a SiteOps Engineer. Tagged is a mixed shop of F/OSS and closed source, we use what works best, but i really spend most of my time working with F/OSS tools. (I don't like recruiting explicitely, but we are hiring, if you're curious.)

Aside from a constant churn of relocation since September, i've also been working on some personal projects in Haskell. I spoke before about putting together a desktop based on K.I.S.S designed tools, and that's still slowly underway. You might remember i was implementing GTD in my life using emacs org-mode, but 8 months later, i'm not so enamored. Carsten Dominik created org-mode originally to serve his needs as a document and publishing format with an integrated scheduling functionality, but i'm finding that a document based approach is dangerous when you need strictly a date planner. In the past few weeks, i've lost chunks of my planned schedule since emacs never saved the open buffers before crashing that contained newely organised entries. I decided that since i want a high level of data guarantee on such a planner, i've started working on a redo of my day planner using CouchDB, and it's been a fun tool to work with. I'll hopefully post more on what i'm planning later.

Since i'm out in California these days with year round good weather, i also expect to be biking a lot more than i was last winter. It's a safe bet that i might not actually post much here.

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