De Rijn

When the cloud cover and rain suddenly break at 3 in the afternoon, after the weather report forcasted rain all day long, you get some of the most dramatic and beautiful skies ever. Yesterday was the sit around and chill out day, with a friend, in between all the crazy things I'm doing on this long trip. I'm staying at the small town of Wageningen in the east Netherlands, and to give you a bit of context, it's where the treaty between Holland and Germany was signed after WWII.

Apparently it's also very close to nature. When my friend and I went out, we only walked about two blocks until we were pretty much out in the country side. There's a pretty big factory near by, but surrounded by it are farms with loads of animals just milling about all day long. A little further away is the Rijn, or the Rhine, river. This spot apparently is prime hang out location in the summer here, but on a day like yesterday, it was a bit windy for most people to bother coming out. Even so, it was alot of fun to climb out onto the jetties and just stand in the win looking over the Rhine and enjoying the scenery made by the clouds as a beautiful backdrop.

The Dutch country side is a beautiful place to be, if you ever get the chance. From the great food that is really cheap to the quaint little dutch houses that dot the landscape to the musical church bells that ring every quarter hour, to the closeness you can get to nature, it's incredibly relaxing.

But for now, it's off to Israel. It's a shame I have to leave so soon.

(Notes on FOSDEM later, when I have my head together on it.)

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