Any updates on FOSDEM and the newly minted Fedora EMEA non-profit will have to wait for a bit. I'm in Israel, with very limited Internet access, and a very limited computer. I can't wait to go home, actually, as I feel very out of place in this 22 degree weather (75 Fahrenheit).

This morning I woke up in another place, on another couch, in another time zone, to realize that this time, my brother is no longer single, but married in the grandest of Style. The wedding was held at the Regency in Jerusalem, overlooking the entire city, with the same sense of drama he used to have since the days he was acting in high school. We (that is my family) still took the opportunity to remind him of his childhood, by dragging out his stuffed animals from when he was a child and to tell him their stories after he left them to go to Israel. As soon as I have the pictures from the photographer, you'll see exactly what I mean.

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