Penn Pilsner

Why, oh why, oh sweet tasty Penn Pilsner beer do you have to taste like a lager? My experiences with beer in this state has been excellence, despite Dan Onorato's plan to stop it through a 10% tax on alcohol. Quite a few of the beer's I've picked up here have been excellent, rivaling some of the beers I've had in Germany and the Netherlands. After having a Penn Weizen, which wasn't the best weizen I've ever had, but certainly had a very authentic weizen beer flavour, I was expective an authentic Bavarian style pilsner when I opened that bottle of Penn Pilsner.

What does a Bavarian 'Pils' entail? you might ask. A Pils tends to be spicy, with a clear sharp hops flavour. Some pilsners have a slight smell of skunkweed, owing to its near relative strain of marijuana for a cousin. It is a flavour meant to be sipped through a narrow thing class with a slightly tapered opening, that leaves you feeling perhaps a bit refreshed afterwards. An Edel-Pils is a variety that is aged a bit more, and has a yeastier flavour. This is my favourite lager beer.

(Some american brewers actually brew some interesting beers that are cleverly designed to taste and smell like all sorts of strains of marijuana. I highly recommend Trögenator's Nugget Nectar for this reason alone. The taste is uncanny.)

So when I poured myself myself that Penn Pilsner, The last thing I expected was something smelling and tasting like a very good pretzel. This is the hallmark of a great "Helles" beer. It is your standard bread and butter lager with a strong grain flavour that almost makes you feel like you're drinking a pretzel. It's golden colour makes you want to frolic through a field with some blond bavarian Mädel while a big oompah band plays in the background.

I'm not complaining, the beer was great. I just think someone misprinted the label.

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